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The Purralegals

The Purralegals

Senior Paper Shredders

Office: Clinton House Suite 301, 103 W Seneca St, Ithaca, NY 14850
Education: Feline Academy

Natalya and Dmitri

Natalya and Dmitri are littermates from the SPCA who started their purralegal training at the age of eight weeks in 2018, when Mariette adopted them. They are now experienced paper shredders, pen hiders, treat hunters, and fur therapy specialists. They love joining us for meetings if invited by clients. They commiserate with clients who are allergic and stay in their own office when needed.


Oleg is Mariette’s elder SPCA feline who joined her feline family as a kitten in 2006. He keeps Natalya and Dmitri on their paws. He interrupts their on-the-job naps as needed so that he can take over prime surveillance locations (preferably on Mariette’s lap). He mostly works from home, but periodically conducts on-site inspections of the office and evaluations of the purralegals.

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