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Divorce, Custody, Support

The experience of going through a divorce, separation or termination of a relationship with a domestic partner is life-changing, emotionally challenging, and often painful. We focus our practice on negotiated settlements out of court.

Mediation or Collaborative Law offers a private, non-adversarial, respectful way to make the transition from one to two family units and offers a much better opportunity than adversarial court proceedings to preserve a good co-parenting and post-divorce relationship. In some instances, it is possible for a couple to navigate the details of their separation and divorce with some guidance from an attorney, in a “kitchen table” version of divorce.

“Compassionate and respectful negotiation”

In a “kitchen table” negotiation, we work with a client to guide them in their discussions with their spouse or partner. If they are able to resolve all the issues, we draft an agreement for them and their spouse or partner to review (and urge the partner to also consult an attorney).

In Mediation, a neutral Mediator respectfully and compassionately facilitates the discussion and negotiation between the parties and helps them come to an agreement. Consultation with each party’s attorney typically takes place outside the mediation process.

In Collaborative Law, the parties and the attorneys meet together, often with financial, parenting, and communication professionals, to help them work out an agreement.

We help each client decide the level of professional and support they wish to have so that they can choose a process which is most appropriate for them and their unique situation. In some instances, it may be appropriate and necessary to go to court, and we make appropriate referrals to attorneys who do litigation. Throughout the process, our focus is on helping our clients identify what is important to them, both in the present and in the future. We provide support and guidance to make well-considered choices about their future.

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